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Lavender Farm on Nantucket is where we come to release the tension of life on the mainland and nourish our mind and body. 

Each of us understand accept that massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic enhances our physical and mental performance, however many of us are unsure of where to find these highly skilled therapists- look no further!

To meet your need for highly skilled massage therapy and wellness services, I hand picked these expert massage therapists to ensure that you receive the quality experience you have come to expect from Authentic Body Therapy.

Ugne Aleknaite NP, Dr Michelle Starr, Erica Marerro, Kaitlyn Faira, and myself are not only experts in the field of health and wellness, but genuine people worthy of being on your health and wellness team. Each of them is raising the bar for what can be expected of health and wellness on Nantucket.


Get the best wellness services and retreats available when you are on Nantucket in the summer throughout the year.

Lavender Farm is a true place to heal your body through massage, I know I would not be able to maintain my peak level of fitness without them. Their orthopedic sports massage approach bounces me back from any aches, pains, or injuries to keep me in the flow of active exercise and family life.
— Susan Fitzpatrick

"There are no egos, they are genuine, and they really do care about people. (Did you get the part where THEY put together a fundraiser for one of their clients?)[I facilitied a fundraiser to cover 6 months of a client's living expenses after a spinal cord surgery].
I discovered that their lives, philosophies, education & knowledge been so assimilated into 'who they are', that they tend to take for granted their impressive accomplishments, knowledge and training they have undertaken to be the best they can be. With each additional conversation I've had with them, something would be said that would perk my ears and I would think, 'Wow, I didn't know that. People need to know that."                                          ~Eve Messing

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