Six Ways of Ruling- one of six

Benevolence is rooted in patience, our mind is spacious. We understand that people suffer. Our patience results in gentleness, absence of aggression. Benevolence requires the steadiness of an elephant, a sense of trusting ourselves and remembering the suffering of others. When others are acting out of aggression and speed, they can’t quite trust benevolence. The wisdom ruler often encounters blame and criticism. If we feel cornered in the hallway by irritation, it seems overwhelming, and we’re likely to react aggressively. Our mind becomes a little box. We begin to panic because we have no room to maneuver. At that point we don’t need to be less gentle - we need to be more gentle. Gentleness is always the best whip. It is devoted to the welfare of others.
— By our teacher, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche