Within my mind, I live on a small blue planet. Everyone seems far away, no one seems close. Everywhere is blackness, yet abundant life consumes each moment. I wish and hope everyone could see this blue fragile life floating in the blackness–Next time they miss the bus, next time they forget to look and smile.

We are floating on a blue dot– We should all be frightfully concerned. No matter what you think, what I think, we will always be on this blue dot, unless we are the masters of darkness or the emperors of blackness.

Look at each other– Be kind. Stop. Look up. See blue. That color came from somewhere. It could be another color if we don't play our cards right. Our worst enemies we should hold, because even they love blue.

The Sakyong, Jamgön Mipham Rinpoche
Paris, June 2002 on the occasion of a solar eclipse