The natural beauty of Nantucket Island is constantly encouraging us to be in the present. The air is a little saltier and catches our attention more frequently. The landscape of the sea and sky take our breath away as we pass through town each day. The feeling of the sand giving way under our feet as we walk along the beach. These senses are what hold us to the present moment. The island offers a rich, sensuous experience that further supports being and abiding peacefully in the present moment.

Being in the present moment can mean many things. Shutting out distractions, like our phones, emails constantly flooding in and being mindful of our feelings and surroundings as we experience them. Meditation is a lovely way to ground yourself and remain present in time for a particular moment.

Meditation helps us to develop strength, stability, and clarity of mind that can offer lasting benefits to overall health, well-being and mindset.

So, what do you need to meditate?

  • A quiet environment is helpful as you learn to work with distractions in the beginning

  • A time that fits into your schedule - you may find it helpful to meditate during a certain time of day, such as in the morning vs. afternoon, but anytime that fits into your schedule is the best time

  • A comfortable, seated position - a cushion or chair will work. Be sure to set yourself up for success by placing your knees lower than your hips, maintain an even placement of your hips against your seat or cushion, balance your hip and pelvis in a level, bowl position to set your spine up so your vertebrae can rise up naturally upon your hips and then your shoulder, neck and head naturally rise up. Allow your arms to hang at your side or rest gently on your thighs

  • A relaxed gaze - in the beginning it can be helpful to keep your eyes open and let your gaze rest 2 or 3 feet in front of you

  • Feel your breath - the breath is our object or anchor in the meditation. Breath is connected with our sense of life, brings appreciation, grounds us in the present moment. We always have one and it’s always available to us, always happening in that ever present, moving moment

  • Accept the moment as it is, acknowledge your thoughts and distractions and letting them pass

Enjoy a moment in the present on Saturday, April 6 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 1111 Nantucket with an Intro to Meditation hosted by Lavender Farm Wellness Centers, Brandon Jellison. Learn more about mindfulness meditation, walking meditation and enjoy a hosted practice session.