Meditation is beneficial to our health and mind. Meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. What better way to integrate meditation into your daily routine, than creating a meditation zone dedicated to your practice? Here are some tips from the "Mother Nature Network" to create a meditation room within your home

  1. Select a private space. Somewhere away from foot traffic and noise.
  2. Make it a technology-free zone. Disconnect from technology and distractions, leave the phone and tablet outside of your meditation room.
  3. Pick the right paint colors. Go with what makes you feel good. Some people consider pastels to be more soothing than bright colors, while others would choose dark, cozier colors for the space.
  4. Keep it clutter-free.  A clear space will help you have a clear head. You can pick a few choice items that you really love to decorate the space — but that's it.
  5. Keep the furniture sparse. You don’t need a lot off furniture in a meditation space, so bear in mind the clutter-free policy while you’re putting furniture in as well. The most important thing is a place to sit — a cushion or a blanket — something other than the floor.
  6. Opt for a room with a view. If you're doing only part of a room and not a whole room, try to pick a spot that faces an outside view (as long as it’s of nature and not of a freeway). Part of meditation is connecting with the natural world, so looking out onto trees, a lake or even a backyard will help you do that. If you don’t have a view, try bringing a part of the natural world inside with a small plant or water feature.
  7. Try aromatherapy. Essential oils are gaining popularity as a means to trigger certain functions in the brain and body. They can be an integral part of your meditation practice, boosting your brain function to help you focus and relax.
  8. Play soft music. Music with words can serve as a distraction, but soft, slow instrumental music can soothe you. Some people will find any and all sounds distracting in a meditation room, so if you fall into this category, there's no need to play anything.

Source:, by Chanie Kirschner.