We all want the holidays to be filled with love and cheer, however stress happens too. Do you try to handle that on the fly, but that just ends up making it worse in the end? Trust me - we’ve all been there! Take a look at these 4 tips that are specifically designed to help you manage the holiday stress with ease - and a smile on your face!

  • Take a deep breath: We all know that breathing is the key to meditation. To survive those tough moments just close your eyes, follow your inhalation all the way in, and slowly exhale.

  • Remember your similarities: Even though it may sound corny, create a short phrase that you can say to yourself in the heat of the moment that will remind you that everyone has issues they may be dealing with and try to reign your feelings in positively.

  • Be compassionate: Remember that being compassionate doesn’t mean you have to be somebody’s doormat and that you can always remove yourself from a situation if it’s in your best interest.

  • Pause to re-center: Again, create a short phrase that will remind you of where your center and source of positivity is.  When things get tough, say that to yourself (repeatedly if you need to) and welcome that calm feeling.

Remember, science shows that combining meditation with exercise can decrease depression, and meditation alone can reduce stress, relieve emotional pain, and even make you more compassionate.  Why not use this to your advantage to survive the holidays?

Source: “Meditation Tips that Help You Handle Stress Over the Holidays”, Shape Magazine, November 22, 2016, Samantha Lefave, http://www.shape.com/lifestyle/mind-and-body/10-minute-meditation-holiday-stress-relief