I am writing a recommendation based on the skill and extreme professionalism of the massage therapy teams at Authentic Body. I have had the good fortune to work with Brandon Jellison on and off for almost a decade in both Nantucket since 2006 and more recently again in the new Newbury Street location in Boston. 

Through the highly competent and talented bodywork I received, I have been able to address some serious neck and back pain and issues caused from a variety of factors including years of sitting bent over at a desk doing computer work and a serious car accident. Each time I was impressed at the thoroughness and the multifaceted approach used by Brandon in diagnosing and treating conditions that included extreme muscle tightness and spasms, carpal tunnel, piriformis syndrome, the beginnings of sciatica, and even helped correct posture and improved the lightness and stability in walking and balance. 

Brandon uses many advanced techniques in his massage work from Myofascial release and deep tissue work that helps to break down knots and relieve deeply rooted stress in the neck, back, hips, feet and hands. He treats all manners of conditions, including fibromyalgia and chronic pain. He has an eclectic approach and draws from varied skills including Shiatsu, Zen Bodytherapy and Structural Integration, which in effect retrains the muscles and improves posture and overall wellness. He is also certified in CranioSacral therapy from his study at the Upledger Institute and has traveled to Thailand along with his wife, Ugne, also an excellent bodyworker, to study Thai Massage Techniques. He is consistent in all his work and is excellent in following up with his clients in a very timely fashion. He adds value to the body work sessions by also offering Health Coaching and Personal Training, along with other stress reduction techniques in Meditation. He is also an accomplished runner and teacher and has made his business of wellness a reflection of his commitment and service to others, and is always educating himself which enables him to excel and branch out into many areas of wellness.    

This business gets a 5+ star rating due to its versatility, as well as the skill and compassion of the practice. If you are in the Boston area or Nantucket and in need of a highly skilled therapist, do yourself a big favor and schedule time with Authentic Body Therapy. You won't regret it.



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