I believe there is so much non-verbal communication that happens in touch. Over the years my sense has continued to increase much the way a wine sommelier can identify the different fruits in a wine. That sensitivity allows me to notice the levels of soreness or hypertension in the soft tissues of the body in a gentle compassionate way. 

Authentic BodyTherapy touch

Massage therapy is becoming a widely-recognized treatment remedy for chronic pain and muscle soreness. How do you know when your pain is chronic, when you’ve been experiencing it for 12 weeks or more? Studies highlighted in a recent Harvard Health article highlight the significant pain relief benefits people experience from 10 weekly massage treatments.  

Massage therapy has been repeated shown to reduce the amount of muscle soreness people experience after exercise.  Massage therapy prolongs the increased blood flow for up to 72 hours, which allows the muscles to repair and regenerate more effectively.

Your massage therapist is a great resource to help you determine which techniques to apply for your situation as well as frequency and duration of sessions. Harvard Health recently wrote a great article to guiding people through the benefits of massage for athletes,