Food is more than nutrition. It is essential to incorporate food and nutrition as a lifestyle. Consuming optimal amounts of these nutrients will benefit your mind, your body and will cultivate joy.

6 Steps to Getting More Phytonutrients

1. Aim for 9-13 Servings of Plant Foods Everyday
To prevent chronic disease, consume at least 9-13 servings of plant foods each day. One serving is half a cup of cooked vegetabls, one cup of raw leafy vegetables or a medium-size piece of fruit. Aim to have about 3-4 servings of plant foods for each meal of the day.

2. Know Your Phytonutrient Sources
Phytonutrient-rich eats are limitless so experiment, try new things and have fun! Read more about the spectrum of phytonutrient foods.

3. Eat the Rainbow of Colors
Stay away from one food group or one color, variety is the key. Try a fruit smoothie for breakfast with blueberries, peaches, and raspberries! Make it your goal to get the full seven colors every day with a variety of foods.

4. Vary Your Choices
Try a new food every week to ensure you are getting different nutrients and foods to try! 

5. Maximize Combinations
Certain foods in combination together may achieve a better effect. Try putting turmeric with black pepper together with olive oil to enhance phytonutrient effects of all three foods on your health. Add lemon juice to spinach to help the iron become more absorbed by your body. Try putting plant foods together for an enhanced health benefit.

6. Be Creative with Substitutions
Think of foods that are commonly eaten that may not be as nutrient dense and replace with nutrient-dense options such as substituting mashed potatoes with sweet potatoes or purple potatoes.

The Detox Challenge, Dietary Guidebook, by Deanna Minich, PhD, in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine.