We all know that staying on track nutritionally can prove to be difficult even on the best days. However, if you’re a Fitbit fan this new integration may be just what you’re looking for! Fitbit is actually rolling out three additions in 2017, including a nutrition site and two fairly unique takes on the stationary bike. Excited yet?

Fitbit’s partnership with Habit will allow data gathered from your Fitbit devices to create food recommendations and nutritional plans through the personalized nutrition service. The service utilizes metrics like weight, body fat percentage and calories burned to create specially tailored meal plans.

Additionally, the partnership between Fitbit and Habit could also help you work towards achieving your ideal weight or even maintaining that weight. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds, but your daily activity isn’t sufficient to meet this goal, Habit could decrease your daily calorie recommendation and modify the amounts and types of carbs, fat and protein you should eat to help you meet your goal. A similar modification could be made by Habit to help you maintain your ideal weight.

Source: “Fitbit announces integration with a nutrition service and a virtual reality bike”, Tech Crunch, written by Brian Heater, January 4, 2017.