We all know the Boston Marathon is just around the corner and training, nutrition, and focus are crucial as you gear up for the big day! In this series I will be sharing a few key diet plans that well recognized athletes follow, with takeaways for each. You can implement one of these diet plans in your training regimen or simply use the tips and takeaways to amp up what you’re currently doing.  

Pro triathlete Tim Nichols believes in a gluten free diet for long course fueling and ultimate performance. A little backstory that you may not know: Nichols, a former Marine, had become sedentary and was weighing almost 300 pounds before his 30th birthday. He made some healthier choices and lifestyle changes, but something still didn’t feel just right. Shortly after he was diagnosed with celiac disease, which led to him completely revamping his nutrition -- and a gluten free lifestyle.

Since we all know gluten is everywhere and this particular diet plan isn’t always easy to follow, here are a few takeaways from Nichols that you may find helpful:

  • He primarily eats whole foods or foods made from scratch.

  • Gluten free Quest bars are great for a snack and will satisfy that sugar craving. And we all know how those can be!

  • His go-to favorite meal after a good workout: steak and egg whites with spinach, tomatoes and peppers.

  • His go-to pre-race meal: two cups of coffee and his protein powder pancakes, which can be made with just about any vanilla protein, gluten-free steel-cut oats, egg whites, cinnamon and a dash of baking powder. He likes to add almond butter instead of regular butter in between each piece, topped with raspberries and drizzled with agave.

  • On hard workout days: he has plenty of healthy, natural carbs—gluten-free stone rolled oats, sweet potatoes, tons of berries and lots of veggies.

  • On single workout days or recovery days: a pretty high protein regimen and he incorporates spinach salads with a lean protein like bison or chicken, and berries.

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Source: “How I Fuel Long-Course Nutrition the Gluten-Free Way”, Triathlete, Bethany Mavis, December 7, 2016.