Are you a coffee lover? Like me, I find my morning brew of coffee to be both awakening and routine. It helps us to energize and motivate our mornings. While coffee in moderation can be okay, remember, it is good to take breaks from coffee so your body can purify itself on a regular basis.

Did you know coffee prevents our bodies from properly hydrating and cranks up the nervous system, which is why one too many cups of java a day can leave one feeling jittery or anxious?

Try drinking green tea for a couple of days to slowly come down off your coffee habit. Green tea is not only a more moderate source of caffeine, but it has actual health benefits.

According to Harvard Health, “Plant chemicals known as flavonoids may explain why tea drinkers seem less likely to have cardiovascular disease.” These flavonoids found in green tea help quell inflammation which can reduce plaque buildup inside arteries.

Furthermore, Harvard Health states that drinking tea may also improve:

  • Vascular reactivity -- a measure of how well our blood vessels respond to physical or emotional stress

  • LDL cholesterol levels

  • Blood pressure

So, tea time you say? With the health benefits, why not? Enjoy half the milligrams of caffeine per cup by substituting your daily cup of coffee with a cup of green tea. Be sure to enjoy it in moderation and find pure, unadulterated tea or brew your own fresh tea in the comfort of your home.