At Authentic Body Therapy, we offer Holistic Health Coaching to support you step by step to making permanent and lasting changes to your health and wellness.

Health Coaching is a co-­creative process, helping you improve your daily experience though nutrition and regular exercise. The beginning starts with you, by listening to your dreams, passion, and goals. This information along with specific data about your body composition and metabolism provide a solid foundation to measure your success. The heart of the program is about learning to eat foods that support your health and eliminate foods or food groups that compromise your body’s metabolism.

Where do We Start?

Getting to Know You

The most important portion of the session is getting to know you. You are the expert of your body and feelings. We are here to support your goals. We will ask about your lifestyle, dreams, and goals to make your ideal health a reality.

Health Risk Screening

Part of this program includes a Health Risk Screening. This screening gives you accurate information about the state of your current health. It is very important to be open and honest to get the most out of your session. This information is the cornerstone of a solid foundation that will be used to build a stronger and healthier you—in every way. Your consultant will then share effective recommendations and personally guide you toward your Authentic Body.


Following the Health Risk Screening, we create a general baseline by taking your vitals (Height, weight, Blood pressure, Hip­Waist Ratio) and then measure your body composition using a Bio Impedance Analyses (Fat Body Mass, Lean Body Mass, Body Mass Index, Base Metabolic Rate, Phase Angle, and Body Capacitance).

Functional Movement Screening

Then you are guided through a posture and a functional movement screening to evaluate the quality of your basic movements of daily life for asymmetry and stability.

What's in it for You?

You will improve your ability to listen to your body by collecting this kind of information. This is like taking a really clear picture of your health at one particular point in time. This is good news! If you have accurate information about your health, you will be naturally empowered to make better choices. You will experience the effects that certain foods have on your metabolic system. You will feel great and lose weight without counting calories. This is not a yo­yo diet, this is an educational process that empowers you to shed unwanted weight and strengthen your body’s metabolism.