The Fourth of July has arrived! How do you manage the joys of the holidays? The holidays, no matter what time of year, represent some of the biggest challenges to maintaining healthy eating habits and exercise.

A few tips for maintaining your healthy independence:

  1. Maintain your exercise schedule. Write it in your calendar and do it. You will feel less stressed and enjoy the holiday more. 
  2. Make a conscious effort to eat healthier foods. Choose the lower calorie items such as fresh fruit salad, watermelon, vegetable salad, and lean proteins. Challenge yourself to pick the healthiest food. If you do this most of the time, you can enjoy the treats some of the time. 
  3. Everything does not have to be perfect! When you are most frazzled, stop and spend 2 minutes reflecting on what you are most grateful for this holiday season. Take several calming breaths and do one of your favorite stretches. Repeat as many times during the day as needed. You'll be surprised how just 2 minutes can improve your state of mind.

Authentic Body Therapy wishes you a very Happy Fourth of July, enjoy the celebration and festivities!