Green foods are healthy because they contain compounds that have anticancer and anti-inflammatory effects and may protect the brain, heart and vasculature, liver, and skin. One of the unique attributes of some green foods is that because they help the liver to work better, they can also assist with keeping hormones in balance.

Ways to get more green foods:

  • Have an avocado in your salad or on top of a grilled chicken breast.
  • Make a stir-fry with bok choy, broccolini, and carrots. Serve on top of brown rice.
  • Have a cup of decaffeinated green tea instead of coffee.
  • Use extra virgin olive oil instead of refined vegetable oils like corn and soybean oils.
  • Add more green-colored herbs and spices to meat and vegetable dishes like rosemary, oregano, dill, and thyme.
  • Toss some greens into your morning smoothie.
  • Make grilled Brussel sprouts and drizzle with olive oil.
  • Add green olives, green peas, cucumber, and celery to a salad.
  • Squeeze fresh lime into your water.
  • Make soup with bitter melon, celery, and beet greens.