What you eat affects your appearance, your energy and comfort, and — above all — your health. According to Harvard Medical Experts, we need to give ourselves a little TLC, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes.

The TLC Diet

Total calories: Adjusted in conjunction with exercise to attain or maintain a healthy body weight. (Consult your doctor or a nutritionist to help you figure out how many calories you, personally, should be taking in)

Total fat: 25% - 35% of total calories

Saturated fat: Less than 7% of total calories

Polyunsaturated fat: Up to 10% of total calories

Monounsaturated fat: Up to 20% of total calories

Cholesterol: Less than 200 mg a day

Protein: About 15% of total calories

Men 50-years and younger get 38 grams per day
Women 50 and younger get 25 grams per day
Men over 50 get 30 grams per day
Women over 50 get 21 grams per day

Source: Harvard Medical Health, www.health.harvard.edu