This year the Northeastern swim and dive team train invited to me to help keep their athletes limber and injury free with massage therapy and bodywork. This team has a successful track record of winning their conference and the understand the value of keeping their athletes in peak performance.  

Thai Massage at NEU

These athletes were all bright and great to work with, not to mention so appreciative given their challenging training load. I enjoyed the nuances of different tension patterns, the tension pattern of a diver is obviously different than that of a swimmer. However the way tension develops in a freestyle vs a butterfly or a breaststroke swimmer very different. I loved matching the changing priorities of these 36 athletes while their bodies adapted to the changes in their training schedule.

This coming week they are headed off to championships and I'm so pleased that I was able to support them toward their goal. "the happiness of others is indeed your own happiness". The opportunity game me the chance to sharpen my skills and learn the body mechanics of diving too.

Why me? I swam through high school and now compete in triathlons in the summer.

What's next? I was invited to a huge Boston triathlon expo at the end of March and will work with the Boston marathon runners in April.

Day 1 at NEU