Children are constantly amazing! Last summer Ugne and Vytas came to cheer as I participate in Nantucket's Swim Across America, a 1-mile open water swim to benefit cancer treatment at Nantucket Cottage Hospital. Vytas noticed other kids ready to swim as well and demanded to be signed up for the kids swim, only these kids seemed to be several years older than this eager 2 year old. 

Regardless it seemed like less of a struggle to sign him up that resist his determination. He was determined even though he didn't have his life jacket he usually used for swimming.  I was clueless about this would play out, then as we entered the water with about a 100 other kids he wrapped his arms roundly neck and shouted "start kicking Daddy!" His plan suddenly made sense with him on my chest and my feet fluttering out  and around the course buoys to complete the 50 meter kids event. Post race he ate an entire breakfast sandwich after the event and proudly posed for photo ops that got him in the paper. 

Since last summer we've been playing in the pool a couple times a week and about a month ago he dropped the life jacket. he started holding his breath under water and even swimming the short distance across the pool unassisted. 

This summer he's officially signed up and raising money to support cancer treatment at Nantucket Cottage Hospital. Yes, he's raising money for the same department of the hospital where his mom, Ugne,  now works as a Nurse Practitioner- it's beautiful, crazy, small world. GO MOM! GO VYTAS!