The Functional Movement Screening (FMS) is a powerful tool used by our massage therapists before and after an initial massage session. The FMS identifies the weak link in a movement pattern. This process allows our massage therapists to see symmetry and balance of movements as opposed to static postures or individual muscles. This process will give individuals or athletes greater movement efficiency, which leads to improved performance and decreased risk of injury.

The FMS takes about ten minutes to complete the seven movements three times each. These seven movements are scored from 0-3 based on symmetry, balance, and range of movement. Each movement demonstrates a specific joint's ability to maintain either stability or mobility. In some cases one hip will be asked to remain stable while the opposite hip flexes. A low score indicates a lack of symmetry and balance in movement and an increased risk of injury from general exercise. A higher score indicates healthy core strength and efficient muscle firing sequences in movement.

As therapists, the FMS provides us with accurate information to more consistently offer a higher level of care. As the owner of the movements, a client can enjoy performing at a higher level in their activity of choice.

I was introduced and became curious about functional movement screening in 2010 while working with a personal trainer, Sam Berry. Once a month I would get screened to make sure I wasn’t reinforcing bad habits in my movement patterns. The proof came a few months later in the spring when I started running again, I was able to run six or so miles without any trouble. I realized the power of reinforcing healthy movement patterns in taking my training to the next level and reducing my risk of injury. The functional movement screening was a great way to collect some objective information and set goals that would help me in my activities of daily life.
— Brandon Jellison, Therapist and President, Authentic Body Therapy