According to the Harvard Health experts, the key to launching your workout is to get motivated and set goals.

There is no question that regular exercise is essential to good health: that alone is motivating for some folks. For others, setting meaningful personal goals — finishing a 10K race or getting back into those jeans you love — and keying into what motivates you can help launch a successful workout program.
— Harvard Medical School, Health Publications

Motivation takes many forms, find what works for you. Are you looking to try a new activity, train for a triathlon or tune your running stride? Maybe you are just looking to feel more fit and improve health. Whatever your motivation may be, decide your goals and set realistic steps to achieve that goal. Find some support along the way in the form of a coach, trainer or friends!

Hiring a personal trainer or tapping a buddy for workouts or walks can supply motivation. Friends who can cheer you on and hold you accountable to your plan help, too. And most of us enjoy a reward, so make a list of (ideally non-food) rewards for meeting weekly or daily goals. One reward is simply seeing progress, so consider tracking your progress regularly. Whether you are running more miles, lifting heavier weights, not getting out of breath when you take the stairs, or have to get a smaller belt, write it down or use one of the many fitness apps available for your phone, tablet, or computer.
— Harvard Medical School, Health Publications

Setting these goals will turn your hopes into reality!