Golf, a great way to get your exercise. Did you know that the typical 'length' of an 18-­hole course is about six miles? Did you also know that good posture is directly related to improving your game?

Good body mechanics and performance are all connected. Before every round, take a few minutes to really loosen your legs and back. Not only will your score lower, so will your risk for injury...especially the back.


We recommend a deep hamstring stretch on the back of the legs, and a runner's lunge for the hip flexors of the front of the leg.


To prepare for the swing and improve the range of motion in the spine, try a stretch called the "Open Book" from the Titleist Performance Institute. Begin by lying down on your right side with your knees stacked on top of each other at a 90-degree angle. Place a towel between your knees to maintain a slight pressure with the pelvis. Your shoulders should be in a line one above the other. Put your palms together. Starting with the left hand, peel the hands apart like opening a book, lead with the thumb pointing toward the floor. If the thumb doesn't reach the floor, don't force it. Breath deeply, to encourage the ribs to expand while relaxing the muscles of the thoracic (middle) spine. Repeat 10-­15 times on each side.