Are you experiencing IT Band Pain? Looking for some relief so that you can get back to running?

IlioTibial (IT) Band Syndrome is caused by friction between the IT band and the knee bone. This tension results in pain around the knee cap and is usually the result of increasing the distance of the runs or poor running form.

Authentic Body Therapy offers customized treatment to effectively loosen the tension of the IT Band and allow the knee to move unimpeded.

At home, a foam roller can be an effective tool both before and after a run (remember to roll out the inner thigh too). On the road, make sure your feet are landing under your hips (not too wide).

If you find you are having knee pain set up an appointment earlier rather than later to avoid excess injury.

Standard 60min Massage: Boston ($140.00):

Deluxe 90min Massage: Boston ($200.00):