Periodization Training, the Basics – One of Three

Brandon Jellison, LMT, and owner of Authentic Body Therapy is also an ACE certified personal trainer who can support you step by step toward your goals.

Periodization training is a method used to break down a big goal, into smaller bite-size workouts to prepare you physically and mentally for the goal, incorporating some combination of strength, speed, and endurance.

Developed by Tudor Bompa, periodization is the training method used by professional and Olympic athletes to improve performance year after year.

 The first step is to look a calendar and divide the time between now and the event in three periods: preparation, competition, and transition. The preparation is where the meat of your training occurs and should comprise ­3/4 of the total time. While the competition period is the last 1/4 of the time before the competition. The transition is self defined as being after the competition phase until the start of the next preparation phase. This shift in training focus brings your ability to a higher level and keeps athletes injury-free.