Did you know the profound effect your core exercises have on your overall strength, mobility and performance?

According to Harvard Medical School’s, HEALTHBEAT Publication, adding core exercises regularly to your workout routine will:

  • Keep your back strong and flexible, which will help you avoid low back pain

  • Ease back pain or stiffness so you can move, sit, and sleep comfortably

  • Enhance your balance and stability, which will help prevent falls and make walking and other activities easier

  • Reclaim the strength and flexibility you need for everyday movements like bending, turning, and lifting

  • Build up the strength and flexibility you need for on-the-job tasks like lifting heavy items, twisting, or standing or sitting at a desk for hours

  • Add power to activities you enjoy, like tennis, running, golf, kayaking, gardening — or any other active pursuit

  • Improve your posture, which can trim your figure visually and help prevent back injuries

  • Help tone your waistline

  • Spice up your regular workouts by adding variation

Don’t forget to keep your core engaged even if you’re at the office. Be mindful of your posture as you sit at your computer. Take a few moments every hour to stand-up, stretch or engage your core with a plank posture.