How long are you sitting on average each day? Do you find yourself in an afternoon slump? Do you frequently come home or wake up with neck and back pain? Does your work require you to be seated at a desk for long periods of time? 

Hours of sitting tighten hip flexor and hamstring muscles and stiffen the joints. Tight hip flexors and hamstrings can affect gait and balance, making it harder to walk — or even making you more likely to fall.

Standing, walking, and stretching are all important activities to keep your joints loose, circulation flowing and body active. If you find yourself sitting for more than two hours at a time, try changing up your routine. Walk around the hallway for 15- minutes, stand up and stretch for 5-minutes every 30 minutes in your office space, or take a walk over your lunch hour. Your health, joints and body will thank you later.

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