Periodization Training, the Basics – Two of Three

The 5 laws of strength training are the idea of Tudor Bompa, famed Romanian sport physiologist. Think about what activities you already do or would like to do that would meet the intention of each of the laws towards achieving your strength training goals:

 1. Develop Joint Flexibility,­ this allows for strength to develop in a wide range of motion. Ankle flexibility is especially important in the beginning.

 2. Develop Tendon Strength,­ Tendons develop much slower than muscles and strengthen by added stress gradually over time. In other words, start slowly to avoid injuring tendons and ligaments.

 3. Develop Core Strength­, A well-developed core stabilizes the strength of the arms and legs. A healthy strong core is essential to avoid injuries and to transfer forces properly through the body.

 4. Develop the Stabilizers­, for example in rowing the trunk muscles act as stabilizers. The trunk transmits leg power to the arms, which then drive the blade through the water.

 5. Train Movements, not each muscle­ forget about body building and instead simulate the movements of your sport. This build movement chains in the nervous system to be used on race or game day.