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A little knee pain after a run is usually very workable

Each year I run a couple half marathons and olympic triathlons, my secret to staying injury free is getting Massage Therapy and Bodywork from experienced partitioners. As my own running techniques has improved over the years, my knee pain or ITBand pain disappears. 

Much of the time one of the hamstrings is tighter than the other and the gait of the leg is causing excess strain on the knee joint or there is a pain referral pattern happening. In either case your Massage Therapist should be able to get you some improvement in one session to three sessions. If not then, then I'm happy to help. 

I work in conjunction with running coaches to get people back to running as quickly as possible. My coach takes a simple video with his phone and points out the parts of my stride that clunky to encourages me to make them smooth and graceful.