A healthy gait is a fluid, beautiful set of movements that do not stress the body. The even heel strike of each foot, followed by even transference of the load up through the knees, hips and core. Authentic Body Therapy treats walking gait issues through a gait analysis.

When someone is having pain in their feet, knees or hips our massage therapists pay attention to their gait for clues that can help pacify their pain. We want to know, how is the leg out of alignment? We want to see if the foot pronates and supinates (possible plantar fasciitis or flat feet)? Is the leg being misguided by the hip flexors or hip rotators? The powerful hamstrings usually amplify any problematic movements.

To encourage the gait back to a fluid graceful stride, we calm the hamstrings, release the impinged areas and finish by balancing the inside/outside fascia of each leg. Using this method, after two to four sessions a fluid gait is usually anchored into the body.