A synthesis of Eastern and Western cultures, Zen Bodytherapy® recognizes that life is a flow of energy. This energy takes shape by our attitudes, our emotions and our bodies. Leave your body free of fear, hate, greed and pain with this form of bodywork.

What is Zen BodyTherapy®

Zen Bodytherapy® releases the natural form of the body from the aberrations caused by physical, chemical, psychological and spiritual traumas. These blocks and misalignments prevent a person from realizing their full potential. Once blocks are removed and the structure is aligned–the body, mind and spirit will to move to a higher plateau. It contains aspects of the deep tissue work of Rolf, the neuro-muscular re-education of Feldenkrais, and the Ki training of Tanouye Rotaishi. Sessions may, or may not, bring up buried emotions. This is a natural part of the healing process.


The Commitment

Zen BodyTherapy requires a commitment of 10 sessions. This time frame is necessary to allow the full process to unfold. Each session is a continuation of work done in the previous session, and requires one and a half hours. For most people, one session per week seems to work out best. The session happens on a table.